Week 4 Yard Sale Aprons Stashbuster

Yard sale apron

When we did my grandmother's estate sale in Ohio many years ago, we put a canvas nail apron on each of the available aunts and cousins. The aprons had small bills and some change in the pockets so everyone could take money and make change. Then we ALL interacted with people and straightened up behind them... When we got a big bill, we would take it to the aunt who was manning the main cash box. I thought it was clever and efficient at the time, and have used my nail apron for that purpose many time since!

Our local theatre company, Lake Whitney Arts, had a rummage sale this past weekend, and I could only put my hands on two pre-made canvas aprons, so I went stash diving to sew up two more!

Yard Sale Apron

These are smaller than conventional nail aprons (see pic), but the size was dictated by the fabric remnant. It was in a big bag of various scraps and remnants I picked up at Thistle Creative Reuse for $3. It's got a canvas texture and it's woven, but I'm pretty sure it's polyester and/or acetate. It started to melt under a medium iron. The trim/ties are reclaimed from inexpensive felt bonnets that got makeovers for A Christmas Carol!