Week 1 Comfy Pants Stashbuster

Stashbuster comfy pants

Successfully completing these comfy pants this week is what officially made up my mind to commit to a sewing challenge!

Last year, I found a pair of flared-leg leggings at Denton Thrift that I absolutely LOVE. I wanted another pair, and I may eventually make a pattern from that pair, but I had never in my memory successfully sewn an entirely knit garment*, though I do have a serger. I have been picking up knit remnants here and there, especially when they're less than $3. But to be fair, I pick up a lot of crafty-type supplies with good intentions... *ahem*

I happened to be browsing Etsy and found a PDF pattern on sale that had great feedback from knit-noobs. Inspired, I bought, downloaded and printed it.

I had a thin jersey knit remnant in my stash that was juuuuuuust the right size. This was about a 3-hour project start to finish. I did modify the waistband a little because the stretch in my fabric wasn't quite right. However, I'm going to modify it again and serge a contrasting waistband (not enough fabric for a new waistband in this fabric). This was my first time using a twin needle and I was a little disappointed with the end result.

I will definitely be using this pattern again. These are truly comfy-- I've worn them twice and even slept in them.



*Welllll..... I did use green knit fabric to sew up a fabulous fur-trimmed cloak (which is technically a garment) for the Ghost of Christmas Present. I needed the drape more than the stretch, and it only had to look good for two weeks.