Sewing challenge

I kind of started this challenge without realizing it. It more or less flowed out of last year's challenge (No New Clothes).

Background: I've sewn a lot of fabulous things over the years. Costumes, prom dresses, gala attire, spiffy outfits for author events. Lots and lots of gifty-type stuff. Hair ties, bow ties, neckties, purses, totes. Giant prop brasiers, prop garters, hats, veils. Pillows, pillowcases, dolls, toys... Just a lot of things.

What I haven't really sewn since... 1992?... is regular casual clothes, things meant to be worn around the house, or running errands. I only did it then because I had time, fabric, and my sewing machine, but no money.

Still have that sewing machine, by the way:

My lovely sewing machine
30+ years together. She's got some replacement parts, but she's still going strong.

I found a 52-Week Sewing Challenge on Facebook that I'm using for inspiration, but part of MY purpose is not to be putting brand new, un-needed stuff into the environment. I want to learn & practice new/better techniques, especially for sewing knits.

Here are MY sewing challenge parameters:

  • If I feel I need something new to wear, I must attempt to make it first. This includes underwear.
  • I cannot buy cut yardage off the bolt, but I can buy remnants from the remnant bin or thrift fabric.
  • If possible, I should use fabric from my abundant stash, or reclaim fabric from things I already own.
  • I'm aiming to sew something every week, though I don't want to sew stuff I don't need.
  • To avoid sewing stuff I don't need, I'll sew christmas gifts or period costume pieces (for shows set in the 1800s, for instance)
  • If possible, I should use patterns I already own, make my own patterns, or find free/cheap PDF patterns. If money is spent, supporting other independent makers is preferred over commercial patterns.

Wish me luck!

Weekly progress

Stashbuster comfy pants

Week 1 Comfy Pants Stashbuster

May 5, 2024

Successfully completing these comfy pants this week is what officially made up my mind to commit to a sewing challenge! Last year, I found a pair of flared-leg leggings at Denton Thrift that I absolutely LOVE. I wanted another pair,…

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Sport top stashbuster

Week 2 Sport Top Stashbuster

May 9, 2024

It’s difficult to find inexpensive AA cup bras, so I gave up a long time ago. This sport-bra style of support is what I wear almost exclusively.  I can usually find ones that fit in the kids section at WM…

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Scrapbuster Journal Cover - Front

Week 3 Journal Cover Scrapbuster

May 13, 2024

Week 3 project finished. It’s a useful item, and apart from the fusible interfacing, made entirely from scrap pieces! The two main fabrics were what remained of two fat quarters from another long ago project, and I used just about…

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Yard sale apron

Week 4 Yard Sale Aprons Stashbuster

May 20, 2024

When we did my grandmother’s estate sale in Ohio many years ago, we put a canvas nail apron on each of the available aunts and cousins. The aprons had small bills and some change in the pockets so everyone could take…

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