Week 3 Journal Cover Scrapbuster

Scrapbuster Journal Cover - Front

Week 3 project finished. It's a useful item, and apart from the fusible interfacing, made entirely from scrap pieces!

The two main fabrics were what remained of two fat quarters from another long ago project, and I used just about every usable bit. The poly/cotton batiste interior lining (black, not shown) was too small even to line a vest, but too big to shred for fill stuffing. Even the piece of elastic was salvaged from a ridiculous piece that comes with corsets (I believe it's very poorly made g-string? While we often use corsets in community theatre, we don't often have need of g-strings).

Scrapbuster Journal Cover - Inside

Appropriately, it's intended to be a sewing planner/journal. I have so many projects going and my ADHD brain loses track of what's what, so I'm hoping writing it down will help. We'll see. Good intentions and all that. Stay tuned.

I used Rosie's spine, cover, and lining measurements from this video, and the overall technique. I used lightweight non-woven interfacing (it's what I have). My sleeves are a little wider and have no interfacing. I also added a pen/pencil pocket before assembling.