About Me

Stacey Greenawalt

I'm Stacey Greenawalt! I live, work, and play in the Hillsboro/Waco area.

My very first job (in the late 80s) was as an assistant designer in a copy and print shop on an airbase in Germany. This was in the days of physical paste-ups, so when I was charged with designing fliers for the officers' wives Independence Day brunch, it involved scissors and glue rather than InDesign or QuarkExpress, and I enjoyed every single project! I coded my first website in Notepad using basic HTML in 1998. Today the process for both endeavors is different, and my creative repertoire is much more broad, but the joy of creation is still there.

I eventually studied design in college, and have since held lots of other jobs that have allowed me to use my creative design sensibilities. My LinkedIn profile has more details.

Visit me at PunkPoultryMedia.com