Week 4 Yard Sale Aprons Stashbuster

Yard sale apron

When we did my grandmother’s estate sale in Ohio many years ago, we put a canvas nail apron on each of the available aunts and cousins. The aprons had small bills and some change in the pockets so everyone could take money and make change. Then we ALL interacted with people and straightened up behind them……

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A year of feeling amazing

Feeling Amazing

I’ve had this post sitting in draft, debating whether or not to put it out there. It’s not JUST a weight-loss journey. I feel truly amazing. However, there were no drink mixes, no pills, no supplements, no boutique diets or meal plans, no gimmicks involved–which is why I debated posting. People seem to like gimmicks.…

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Podcast Jams

  Stacey’s 2022 Podcast Jam List Stuff You Missed in History Class Stuff You Should Know How I Built This from NPR The Hidden Brain from NPR History VS from Mental Floss Science VS from Gimlet Media The Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast Throughline from NPR Radiolab from NPR Invisibilia from NPR Chop Bard Shakespeare Unlimited…

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