No new clothes

So my friend Becca Bilz Davis participates in an every-other-year challenge with her siblings: They can't buy brand new stuff, particularly clothes. Thrifting is allowed, but purchasing brand new is verboten. She explained that they want to consciously get off the consumerism train, and not be part of the flow of brand new 'stuff.' She did the challenge in 2022.

I was inspired. I decided to quietly give the challenge a shot myself in 2023. The one exception for me was if something specific was needed for the stage and could not be found by any other means. But even then, I managed to borrow, thrift, or upcycle/sew almost everything needed in 2023.

In sticking to that goal, it became habit! Wooooo! I became accustomed to 1) NOT looking at clothes in stores, and 2) making already-owned or thrifted items work. Here it is April 2024 already, and this is still the norm.

For this year, I have another personal challenge underway. Will write about that next....