My Little Amigurumi

Although I am a seasoned crocheter--I've finished countless afghans, hats, bags, etc.--I had yet to successfully complete an amigurumi project. I'd started projects before, but lost interest or got frustrated. I think what I needed was a little nerd motivation. I got a kit from Josh's family for my birthday that had everything needed to make two little Star Wars figures, and patterns for ten more:

Star Wars amigurumi kit

What nerd doesn't want a tiny Yoda? I dove in and surprised myself a bit.

Yoda in progress

I was ridiculously tickled with how well my little Yoda turned out! I love that he's so tiny, the perfect size for the nerd shelf Josh is making for me (inspired by John Green's 'salon' in the Mental Floss videos).


The kit came with sport-weight yarn (enough to do a storm trooper as well) and two sets of safety eyes. I wanted to diversify, though. I'm a nerd with vast nerd interests. So I used the C3PO pattern in the book as a basis for this guy.

Cthulhu amigurumi by Stacey Greenawalt

Is this not the cutest Old One? I used worsted weight yarn and modified the pattern to add tentacles, then added wings.

First amigurumi figures

I may or may not have a thing for old green dudes...

And I amazoned some more safety eyes...