Do I hear happiness in here?

Carol Burnett as Miss HanniganA little more than six years ago, my mom handed me a sheaf of papers printed from the internet and said "Go audition already!" I had been lamenting for years that I would love to get back to theatre, so my mom found a little theatre in Cleburne that was doing Annie, directed by someone with an interesting name (Taffy Geisel) and printed audition info. I looked through the papers and thought, hey, I was a theatre diva in high school and it's only been mumblecough years since--I've wanted to play Miss Hannigan since 1982, so I'll give it a shot.

And I totally bombed the audition, lol. I realized before I ever sang a note that I was waaaay out of my league. But I was invited to callbacks anyway, lol.

Thankfully Ms. Taffy had the heart and vision to put me in a small 'grower' role so I could get my feet wet, shine a little, and start to grow as an actor. That show started my love affair with Plaza Theatre Company and I have done a lot of shows there in the intervening years.

So when Annie auditions came around again, even though I'm now building a house and heading into the busiest part of the year for my full-time job, in which I'm ALSO helping steer the massive restoration of a 1880 building in downtown Cleburne, I had to at least give Hannigan a shot--she's my very first dream role, and the show now has some sentimental feels for me.

I was so nervous I bombed the audition AGAIN, but I was invited to callbacks anyway.

There is always a whole slew of ridiculously talented people at Plaza callbacks, so I learned a long time ago to just laugh, have a great time, and do my best. Whoever is cast is gonna be freakin' amazing. So.... Last night I got a casting call, and....

I GET TO PLAY MISS HANNIGAN!! I may have squealed in Ruth Ann's ear, sorry. I'm doubled with the amazing Milette Siler and I am so very excited. Opens November 17th!