Peg dolls for Christmas

Because we're furiously trying to get our house build far enough along to actually live in it, Christmas was a little skinny this year. Both money and time were hard to pin down, but thanks to a few sleety evenings and treacherous roads, I was forced to stay home and use the materials and talents I had available at our temporary residence.

We have nerd shelves inspired by the knick-knack shelves in the Mental Floss videos on YouTube (as John Green turns his chair and says "I return to my salon to tell you.." and there's a bunch of geeky stuff arranged artfully in shelves behind him). Josh made a big 6-foot version for me more than a year ago, and each of my kids now has a smaller 2-foot version. And we are always on the lookout for unique, geekly, and uniquely geeky stuff to put on them. So that's where I focused my crafty endeavors on those icy evenings.

Thankfully I was utterly pleased with how these guys turned out.


One kid received a limb-free Black Knight, from Monty Python's Holy Grail ('Tis but a scratch, a flesh wound!). I shall be making another for myself very soon.

Another kid received a cutie-pie Edward Scissorhands, one of her favorite movies. With yarn hair, silver accents, and painstakingly crafted scissor/knife hands, he turned out recognizable at least. She loved him, and that's what's important, lol



Kid #3 and I collaborated on a Kratos figure (from the God of War games) for Josh, but I don't have a picture of that one yet.

All of us try to mix up the style of nerd stuff we have. Funko POP bobbleheads are abundant. Vinyl idolz, action figures, some amigurumi, some perler/hama bead items. None of us had peg dolls yet.

Stacey Greenawalt at Miss Hannigan peg doll

After Christmas, I decided I needed a commemorative figure for me. So I made a peg doll of ME, as Miss Hannigan.