Rocking Chair Makeover

This was a much more long-term project than I'd originally intended. I rescued this rocking chair from the curb more than a year ago. The seat was ripped out and it had a broken support rung. I wasn't quite sure how to fix it, so it sat in the garage for months. We moved from one city to another and it moved with us because I knew I would be able to fix it eventually.

Turns out it wasn't me that fixed it.  A little while ago we volunteered to contribute a few items to an auction to raise money for some hefty medical expenses. So we began looking around for some good projects to finish, and our eyes fell on the rocking chair. After determining that the broken rung couldn't be fixed, my honey bought a dowel, cut it to size, cut a taper on each end, and replaced the broken rung. He then primed and painted it to my specifications, I restrung it and sewed up a seat cushion.