Projects & Musings

Feeling Amazing

A year of feeling amazing

By Stacey | Sep 15, 2022

I’ve had this post sitting in draft, debating whether or not to put it out there. It’s not JUST a weight-loss journey. I feel truly amazing. However, there were no drink mixes, no pills, no supplements, no boutique diets or meal plans, no gimmicks involved–which is why I debated posting. People seem to like gimmicks.…

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Using Less

Using less in 2020

By Stacey | Jan 5, 2020

I’m not sure what finally clicked in my brain to make me hyper-conscious of all the single-use stuff I toss into the trash can without another thought. I mean, I’d been environmentally conscious, but only insofar as it didn’t interfere too much with convenience. But recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about human impact on…

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40-minute Swiffer Cover

40-minute swiffer cover

By Stacey | May 1, 2018

I’m not a big fan of ‘disposable’ stuff and try to use environmentally responsible products whenever possible. Once upon a time, I crocheted a Swiffer cover from someone else’s pattern, and it was fine. It worked well enough, but I wasn’t enamored enough to make another– mostly because it required several steps to construct, and…

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Drop Red Bed

By Stacey | Apr 16, 2018

We had a bit of a cold snap, and I am only slightly ashamed to say that we are wimps and didn’t want to be working outside this past weekend. Although there are any number of projects that need to be accomplished, like finessing the driveway gravel we had delivered on Thursday, fixing a water…

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Cleburne Shakespeare in the Park

Shakes-ing it up again this summer!

By Stacey | Mar 29, 2018

It’s been three years since I had the honor of appearing in the very first annual Cleburne Shakespeare in the Park! In 2015 I played an attendant and the Player Queen in HAMLET. This summer I get to do it again! I’m very excited to be playing Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, in the 2018…

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Podcast Jams

By Stacey | Mar 6, 2018

  Stacey’s 2022 Podcast Jam List Stuff You Missed in History Class Stuff You Should Know How I Built This from NPR The Hidden Brain from NPR History VS from Mental Floss Science VS from Gimlet Media The Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast Throughline from NPR Radiolab from NPR Invisibilia from NPR Chop Bard Shakespeare Unlimited…

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Peg dolls for Christmas

By Stacey | Jan 12, 2018

Because we’re furiously trying to get our house build far enough along to actually live in it, Christmas was a little skinny this year. Both money and time were hard to pin down, but thanks to a few sleety evenings and treacherous roads, I was forced to stay home and use the materials and talents…

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Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan

Do I hear happiness in here?

By Stacey | Oct 3, 2017

A little more than six years ago, my mom handed me a sheaf of papers printed from the internet and said “Go audition already!” I had been lamenting for years that I would love to get back to theatre, so my mom found a little theatre in Cleburne that was doing Annie, directed by someone…

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New project: A Farmdominum!

By Stacey | Aug 4, 2017

Sooo…. Josh and I have embarked on a giant project, which has much to do with why I have neglected this blog and theatre. I am, however, documenting the process on the Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, & Flooring company blog. We have purchased some land and we are building a house and a couple of…

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