Come celebrate with me!

I don't usually like to broadcast how old I really am, but, let's face it, I'll only hit the half-century mark once and it's a privilege to make it this far. So I'm celebrating with an 80's themed Birthday Benefit Bash for Lake Whitney Arts' building fund! We'll have finger foods and birthday cake and 80's trivia and performances by some of my favorite people! Feel free to bring your adult beverages.

DATE: Saturday, July 15, 2023
TIME: 7-9pm
PLACE: Lake Whitney Arts - 500 S. Bosque St. (Hwy 22), Whitney
COST: Cash donation of $20 or more at the door, with the suggested amount being equivalent to your age
DRESS: 80's, of course
RSVP: Please text your name and 'Birthday Bash' to 254-214-6167 so we know to expect you!

Unable to attend? Out-of-town?

Please consider donating to my Facebook fundraiser (I generally dislike Facebook, but they don't charge fees for donations to non-profits, so your full donation will go into the building fund!)

Why the LWA Building Fund?

Lake Whitney Arts has been talking about adding on to the lobby and backstage area for years. When the pandemic hit and building costs skyrocketed, simply keeping up with basic maintenance became the goal. But now that the costs for building materials have settled a little bit, the dream of more backstage and lobby space has reignited. I would love to be able have a little more backstage space!